“Seed-O-Sphere Flower Seed Balls add much more than beauty and fragrance to the landscape!”

Seed-O-Sphere THROW ME, GROW ME! flower seed balls are a simple, fun and toil free way to create gorgeous ever-changing tapestries of blooms in your garden and community. Each hand crafted seed ball is loaded with over 100 carefully sourced GMO-free seeds. This unique ancient tried-and-true planting and seed storage method uses vibrant seed blends, terra-cotta clay and rich compost to maximize quick rooting and dense germination. Our hearty and adaptable blends dramatically help reduce water usage, attract beneficial pollinators, deter invasive plant species, eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and help build healthy loamy soils.

Seed-O-Sphere LLC is a hands-on family business located in Sonoma County, California. We really care about sustainable gardening and responsible earth stewardship! Our flower seed ball blends and packaging are a top to bottom environmentally-friendly product. Each colorful canister contains seed ball descriptions, planting and care instructions and loads of fun facts!

The following Sonoma County, CA stores carry Seed-O-Sphere:

– Santa Rosa Made Local Marketplace

– Santa Rosa Community Market

– Petaluma Seed Bank Store

– Ca Sisters Floral Design | The Barlow

– Sebastopol Ace Hardware